Survival Solutions Innovative Gear

Cutting Edge Design

Trail Hawk Sheath

Survival Solutions Innovative Gear is proud to introduce yet another cutting edge design; our very own Leather Sheath for the Cold Steel Trail Hawk. Made from premium grade American Leather, this sheath is hand-crafted for years of faithful service.


Made to the same specs as the Pipe Hawk Sheat using top quality materials and quality craftsmanship, the bottom line will always add up to long life and superior performance. But that doesn't mean you're off the hook when it comes to doing your are responsible to weatherproof the leather.


Some folks prefer mink oil, bear grease or neats-foot oil, but our preference is Snow Seal. That exact reason is why we do not weatherproof these sheaths. There are differing schools of thought and preferences to the point that we decided to leave that up to you. We simply provide the gear for such schools to argue over.
Lots of folks have tomahawks, but very few can carry them securely, readily accessible and comfortably, all at the same time. Now they can, with a sheath made for folks who intend to use their Hawks in the field. Proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A.